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Posted: 10/10/2018 Industry: Engineering & Technical Job Number: 5492
Quality Control Inspector Job Responsibilities:
The Quality Control Inspector is responsible for performing inspections during the overall production process, which ranges from quality of raw materials (incoming material inspections) before manufacturing begins to final inspections, when production is completed. The Quality inspector is responsible for a final in-depth inspection, before signing off and approving the product for shipment to the customer. In addition, the quality inspector is responsible to fins the faults in both materials and the manufacturing process an initiate corrective actions which will correct or eliminate identified faults, to ensure a better finished product for Hitachi Rail USA Inc.’ s customers.


Quality Control Inspector Job Duties:
The Quality Control Inspector, provides guidance and supervision to the company’ s quality control inspectors by assigning quality inspection assignments, policing the production line to ensure that   Hitachi Rail USA’ s production workers are using the latest production documentation and drawings to assemble and build products. The Quality Control Inspector monitors production operations for correct materials, use of calibrated production tools, and acceptable workmanship. The Quality Control Inspector, monitors the production line or operations to ensure that Hitachi Rail USA’ s production operators or workers are not using nonconforming materials or practices.

The Quality Control Inspector is responsible for;
  1. Inspecting and approval of incoming materials for use in production, by confirming compliance with Hitachi Rail USA’ s designs, and customer specifications; conducting visual inspections and physical measurements, as needed, to keep non-conforming materials from getting into the production operations.
  2. Inspecting in-process assembly and production operations to confirm compliance with Hitachi Rail USA’ s and customer procedures, requirements, and specifications; conducting visual inspections and physical measurements, as needed, to assure that production results are as designed and expected.
  3. Documenting and reporting quality non-conformances and process issues to the quality and production supervisors where adjustments can be introduced to eliminate nonconforming conditions.
  4. Enforcing quality corrective actions to ensure that the corrective actions effectively remedy production quality discrepancies and justify closure of Non-Conforming Reports (NCRs).
  5. Prepares quality inspection results records and submits copies of all final inspection quality records to the Quality Supervisor(s) or Quality Document Control Clerk for including those records into the Car History Books.
  6. Verifies effectiveness of Hitachi’ s quality control inspections (Incoming, In-process or Final inspections).
  7. Audit and monitor quality requirements in accordance with the company quality assurance policies, procedures, project Quality Assurance Plans (QAP). and customer specifications.
  8. Ensure that all work is performed per Hitachi’ s inspection procedures.
  9. Perform inspections during production in-process operations and completes the final inspections.
  10.   Initiate Non-Conformance reports (NCRs) as required to document and record noncompliant materials, processes, or production quality results.
  11.   Document and report inspection findings and results to ensure that nonconforming conditions have been resolved.
  12.   Regularly audit and inspect production assembly and instruction packages on the shop floor, to ensure that production documents are the current and the latest customer approved configuration.
  13.   Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Quality Supervisor(s) or Quality Management.
  Experience, Skills, and Qualifications for Quality Control Inspector:

Education:   Minimum Education Requirement – High School Diploma or equivalent, technical trade school, or 2-year College Associate’ s Degree.


Experience: At least 2-years or more of experience in quality control performing quality inspections, in a manufacturing organization such as, aerospace, automotive, or passenger transportation industries (passenger airplanes, passenger cars, passenger buses, or passenger rail vehicles).


Other Experience or Training:
  1. Ability to interpret and read production drawings and schematics, good verbal and written communication skills.

  1. Computer skills to support entry or retrieval of data and information via Hitachi’ s computer applications and systems consisting of various databases and other internal programs.

  1. Must have the ability to log in production related non-conformities and generate corresponding reports (NCR) and Car History Book documents.

  1. Must have demonstrated proficiency in the following areas or items:
  • Attention to detail
  • Working knowledge of computer applications and computer systems such as, Ms-Office Applications (Ms-Excel, PowerPoint, and Ms-Word)
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat.




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